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Real Estate Drone Photography

Residential- Commercial-Industrial

Thermography measures surface temperature by using infrared still cameras or infrared video. Equipped with our infrared camera a thermographic inspection is either an interior or exterior survey of a designated location. We can determine the level of humidity caused by water infiltration. Thermography can detect heat loss or cold air infiltration in hard to access spaces like siding or roofing structures. The objective is to target the designated area bringing effective results to optimize energy efficiency.

Solar Panels Inspections

Inspecting solar panels with thermal drones. Find heat anomalies quickly in a fraction of the time. Pinpointing possible faults helping technicians where to locate weak panel, locate heat differences that indicate a problem like cell level defects, strings defects or connection problems.

Engineers on Solar Roof
Wild Fire

Fire detection forest or wildfire

Thermal imagery cameras on our drones are also used to detect and locate structure fires, wildfires and forest fires. Our thermal drone cameras provide a clear image to see through smoke, detect the head and edge of wildfires, locate crew members or surviving victim. Hot spot detection to see smoldering areas that could flare up later. Thermal drone cameras detect valuable information on
structural integrity of roofs especially with isotherm, flow path analysis and quick view on the integrity of the wet lines.

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